Sunday, August 09, 2009


- Last mention of Michael Mann for sometime, I promise: The Autuers published a fine set diary on Public Enemies a while back which is well worth a perusal...

- This site is a legal, free streaming service showcasing some great movies in decent quality with - at the moment - no registration required. Never seen David Gordon Green's lovely George Washington (2000)? Nows your chance. Or his later, more difficult Undertow (2004)? Its there too. As is another recent favourite of mine, Joachim Trier's Reprise (2006). And Fernando Leon de Aranoa's great Mondays In the Sun (2002), starring Javier Bardem and Luis Tosar. Ray Lawrence's excellent Lantana (2001), Milcho Manchevski's masterful Before the Rain (1994), Lars Von Trier's The Boss of It all (2006) and a couple dozen more.

- I love Saul Bass, and thought I knew his work pretty well, but I had never seen this typically awesome poster for The Birds until today:

- The Spanish term for "Nutmeg" (in the football sense) is CaƱo. A most beautiful maneuver when performed well. I love a nutmeg, as does YouTube. Mute it though because the soundtrack - as is true of most Youtube football montages - is offensively atrocious...

- Mindless Ones is my favourite comics site these days for the occasionally brilliant criticism it features and for the bouts of shameless geek-nostalgia it never fails to evoke. As in this recent piece on Maniac 5 from early 90s 2000AD. I had utterly forgotten that Maniac 5 had ever even existed, (because, like the similarly brilliant the Journal of Luke Kirby, from the same era, it has never been collected) but it was Awesome and possibly Mark Millar at his most Millaresque. Meaning it was ultra-violent, more than a little offensive, and brilliantly played the formula of hero-comes-back-from-the-brink-to-win. Plus it had art by Steve Yeowell, the most underrated of his generation of Brit artists...

- So many World Cinema titles play at various festivals and I read reviews and watch trailers and make little mental bookmarks and then they never come out here. Not even on DVD, in some cases. Whereas American comedies with Paris Hilton in get cinematic releases. There truly is no justice. Which seems to be sort of the subject of this Mexican-American co-production. Its coming out on DVD in the US this month, and I may have to get that version in order to see it. But its Executive produced by Carlos Regaydas, which is good enough for me...:

- This is a preview of M.K. Reed's newest comic, Cross Country. Its funny, well observed stuff. You should read it.

- Just how great are The Monks? Pretty great. One almost perfect, absolutely unique album of 60s Garage Rock, some hilarious promo photos, a stunted career in Germany (where they had been stationed as GIs), and they were more or less done. But that album...that album is brilliant. This is "I Hate You", a good primer in their particular brand of aggressive rock and roll, set to some 60s Israeli movie:

Oh Raquel, you fill me with inertia (Yes You Do)

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Blogger Will Shyne said...

Never heard of MK Reed.
Will look him up.

11:46 pm  
Blogger jamesinseoul said...

That 'The Birds' has made for a lovely new desktop. Ta.

Indie films website doesn't work in land. Grrr.

The Monks rule.

10:42 am  

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