Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Trailer of the Week 48

Michael Winterbottom's superb Wonderland (1999) is quite possibly the greatest, most realistic portrayal of modern London I've seen, in all its sweaty intimacy, in its harshness and brutality, in its lonely crowds and cluttered streets and desolation, in its often stunning beauty, in its banality and dullness. Great cast and amazing Michael Nyman soundtrack, too. It needs watching if you haven't seen it:



Blogger John said...

Loved it when I saw it alright - mad that he did the claim after it which is also pretty cool - always keeps you guessing so he does each film is different from the last in ways isnt it.

3:23 pm  
Blogger Monsterwork said...

Looks like a film about grown-ups and how rubbish it is.

10:35 am  
Blogger David N said...

I 'spose it is, yeah. But also about how beautiful and strange and funny it is.

10:18 pm  

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