Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Golgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgol: 3

Teofilo Cubilias, the greatest Peruvian footballer ever. And a No. 10. Nuff said.




Ariel Ortega, who more or less specialised in scoring goals just like this:

The 1985 FA Cup Final. Man Utd down to 10 men after Kevin Moran has been sent off, against the new champions Everton. Up steps Norman Whiteside:




Blogger Beezer B said...

I'm so glad that Bergkamp goal is shorn of its comentary. I remember the both of them agreeing that he of course didn't mean to do that.

Idiots. If he didn't mean to do it then why did he turn with so much intent and speed? Luck? Morons.

Am now watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCEXkik6Iuk

1:18 am  
Blogger Beezer B said...

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Blogger Beezer B said...

Hold on, hold on, need the Dutch commentary for full effect:


1:26 am  
Blogger David N said...

Oh yeah thats a beautiful goal - in the top 5 ever scored at the World Cup for me, given the context, the technique, the opposition. I remember watching it at the time with my Dad and we were both just awestruck by it. Bergkamp had done nothing else all game, either.

I read an interview with him where he talked about the way he played - he saw movements, actions, even passages of play in his head on the pitch and he tried to recreate them as perfectly as he could. Meaning that something like that goal against Newcastle was absolutely deliberate.
Great player. As Arsenal players go, give me him over Henry any day.

1:57 am  
Blogger jamesinbrasil said...

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1:21 am  
Blogger jamesinbrasil said...

When I was a child, I was a big Everton fan (in those days if you supported a team outside the top division, you got beaten up. It's probably worse now). It was in the era of the Cup Winners Cup and FA Cup victories. That Whiteside goal absolutely destroyed me, and even though I now have no particular emotion towards Everton, I still wince when I see it. Thanks pal!

1:22 am  
Blogger David N said...

Its exactly the opposite for me. The 1983 FA Cup was the first trophy United won after I became a supporter, but I didn't really appreciate it. I was too young, I hadn't had a few seasons of our relentlessly (at that time) sparkling play going without reward in the league. In 1985, I appreciated it. I had my first United jersey - a cheapo Irish knock-off of the real thing, because back then you couldn't buy jerseys the way you can now - and I watched all the build up, bought a United newspaper, and lived and breathed that game.
I was so thrilled when Whiteside scored and when we won. A feeling never equalled in watching football - it was my first experience of that emotion, really - until the European Cup Final in 1999.

I've seen a replica of that United shirt from '85 in shops over here since. Even at £40, I'm sorely tempted...

2:49 am  

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