Saturday, July 05, 2008

All work and no play...

Yet another 1st Person POV-based advert, but this one is near-perfect: it gets the tone, the look and the atmosphere just right. Uncannily right, I think. The early 80s are a tricky period to pull off convincingly, but this does it very well. Its partly the visuals - the lighting, the grain of the film. And partly the hairstyles, the clothing, even the casting. It must have been a long process to make a piece that lasts just over a minute.

It uses a 25mm Cooke lens - a Kubrick favourite - and that serene steadicam glide evokes "The Shining" just as well as the immortal carpet of that hotel corridor. You get the feeling Stanley himself may actually have approved. Further viewing: Vivian Kubrick's great documentary about the making of that film, which is great stuff too. Especially the scenes of Kubrick screaming at Shelley Duvall.

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Blogger Monsterwork said...

If I had to complain, (I do have to. It's like that valve in Marky Mark's chest in Three Kings. I will die if I don't) it's that woman popping up at the end who I have to complain about.
'Here's your script Mr. Kubrick. Director of The Shining. What's it you are making today? Ooh. The Shining, is it? What's that about then?'

That bit is is the bum note. Especially when Kubrick doesn't tell her to get the fuck out of his face. The illusion breaks down right then and there.

9:09 pm  
Blogger David N said...

Maybe so.
But that bit is for the idiots who are watching something crappy on C4 or E4 - Big Brother, maybe? - and who catch the ad and don't have a clue what its about.

But then they probably won't have heard of Kubrick anyway, so you're right.

11:40 pm  

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