Saturday, December 06, 2008

Golgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgolgol: 8

Ricardo Bochini, playmaker for Independiente his entire career, Maradona's understudy in the 1986 Argentina squad, and the player Riquelme is most often compared to in terms of that languidly stroked through-ball style. A class act:

Trevor Francis: mediocre summariser and sometime manager of third tier English football clubs? I just about remember him as a classy but ageing attacking player, too. But once upon a time he was the Michael Owen or Wayne Rooney of his day - a talented wonderkid who became the first £1 Million player. He scored lots of goals, won the European Cup, starred for England...

Speaking of deadly finishers, at one time Jean-Pierre Papin was unrivalled in European football for converting chances. Here he scores against Milan in the European Cup, clinical after a fine move and a great ball from Chris Waddle:

Roberto Carlos makes the ball do the seemingly impossible:

Poland's two greatest ever players, Lato and Boniek, combine in Spain in 1982:

There used to be an item on "Fantasy Football" called "Old football was rubbish". Well, not on the basis of this clip, it wasn't. The 1960 European Cup Final between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, at Hampden Park, finished 6-3. Real Madrid featured Alfredo DeStefano, still many people's pick for greatest player of all time (he's the balding, tall chap who always seems to have the ball at his feet) alongside Raymond Kopa and Ferenc Puskas (hes the chubby bloke who scores a bagful). So - nine goals, stepovers, backheels, long flowing passing moves, jinking dribbles...Old football was rubbish. Right:



Blogger daveysomethingfunny said...

Is that the same team Papin was playing in that got stripped of their title due to bribing or something? Like what happened in Italy not long ago. I can vaguely remember that.

i also remember some kind of ludicrous 'Papin + shitloads of money for Ryan Giggs' transfer rumours from when he was at Milan. It's all very Sensible Soccer in my head.

2:38 pm  
Blogger David N said...

Thats the same team alright, though the extent of the bribery and corruption and how far back it stretched was never really confirmed. He was a great striker, nonetheless.

7:39 pm  

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