Thursday, April 23, 2009


Steven Soderbergh, 2003

DP: Peter Andrews (aka Steven Soderbergh)

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Blogger Will Shyne said...

Great shots. Rewatched this recently and it is gorgeous. Makes me want to watch it again.
Saw The Good German just recently and while it was lovely looking, I think the story went off the boil after Toby Maguire's departure.
Can't win 'em all.

8:57 am  
Blogger David N said...

I think Soderbergh has three distinct filmmaking personas:
1. The entertainer. The guy who made the Oceans films, Erin Brokovich and even Traffic. He specialises in high quality mainstream entertainment. Slick, accessible and brilliantly crafted films which generally do the business at the Box Office, allowing him to play around with:
2. The explorer. The guy who makes edgy, personal, self-indulgent films which prod the edges of the medium itself. Frequently difficult and inaccessible, determinedly intellectual and often highbrow. The likes of Schizopolis, Full Frontal and maybe Bubble.
3. The middleman. This guy is the most interesting Soderbergh, for me. He makes films which are influenced by both his other personas - big entertainments with difficult elements, arthouse projects with movie stars. Solaris, Che, The Good German. Out of Sight may be the first film by this Soderbergh. Even when these films fail - as the Good German arguably does - they are generally fascinating, worthwhile failures. As I think the Good German is. He has two films to comes out later this year. Which is a good thing...

11:38 pm  

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