Thursday, September 24, 2009

Say, Just...

- As the decade's end approaches and lists begin to spring up all over, literary site The Millions posts its list, voted for by a collection of bloggers, critics and writers, of The Best fiction of the Millennium So Far. And a fine list it is, too. at the time of writing they've only done 20 - 6, but I'm betting Roberto Bolano makes an appearance in that last five alongside Michael Chabon, though of course i could be very wrong...Anyway, it serves, as most lists of books or films or records do, as a syllabus of sorts. Each of these I've read has been great. Which is what really matters.

- Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno! On Radio 4. Odd, but interesting if you like Eno, or Moore.

- The Masters of Cinema catalogue becomes more and more beautiful with each release. Great films in good quality prints in lovely packaging with awesome extras. If you live in the UK, buy DVDs with any regularity, love film and you have none, shame on you. Pick one at random and chances are its incredible. This catalogue is just further loveliness, and reveals a few future releases I was unaware of (Pedro Costa!)

- British airways always gave good advert, but for the last two years they have shunned TV advertising. The massive new campaign they've just launched is some return, focusing as it does on a series of exotic events in far-flung destinations, each given their own spot, from a wildebeest migration to, well, the Buenos aires Superclassico, in this extended version. Great stuff:

- Who buys Simpsons comics? I don't know. I've never bought one or even read one. But Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 15, out this week, changes all that. edited by Sammy Harkham, cartoonist behind the brilliant Poor Sailor and editor of Kramers Ergot, it features work from a slew of Kramers Ergot regulars including Kevin Huizenga and Jeffrey Brown. Basically an indie Simpsons comic, then, which sounds like a good thing to me, especially since Huizenga is one of my favourite working cartoonists...

- I love Big Star. Probably my second favourite band of all time (after the Beatles, obviously), the exhaustive new boxset has made me a happy boy. Amongst the many alternate mixes, demos and live readings there is a single mp4, setting some vintage footage shot by band members Chris Bell and Andy Hummel against the classic "Thirteen". That same footage has been on YouTube for an age, only here its set to the far jauntier "Thank You Friends". Either way, its fantastic

Olivia De Havilland.

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