Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vintage Trailer of the Week 1

YouTube is a treasure trove of old trailers. I love old trailers. So I'm going to post a few, in lieu of actually having to go to the trouble of, you know, writing anything.

I haven't seen this film in years, but the trailer actually makes me want to watch it again, which is all you can really ask for from a trailer. The film? Well, its directed by John Boorman and features a bizarre Ennio Morricone score, so just how bad can it be?

Ok, pretty bad. But I remember it as being an interesting kind of bad, which is often the kind that becomes good with repeat viewings. And Martin Scorsese loooves it: "The picture asks: Does great goodness bring upon itself great evil? This goes back to the Book of Job; it's God testing the good. In this sense, Regan (Linda Blair) is a modern-day saint — like Ingrid Bergman in Europa '51, and in a way, like Charlie in Mean Streets. I like the first Exorcist, because of the Catholic guilt I have, and because it scared the hell out of me; but The Heretic surpasses it. Maybe Boorman failed to execute the material, but the movie still deserved better than it got."



Blogger daveysomethingfunny said...

I've watched it three times now, and those locusts are still freaking me out.

11:14 pm  
Blogger David N said...

Thats really the only bit of the film I have a strong memory of, too.

12:54 am  
Blogger Ross said...

I've definitely seen a trailer for Exorcist 2 before, but it was nothing like this. If it weren't for the voice over I'd suspect that this was a 'user created' trailer rather than a studio edit. Total batshit.

10:39 am  

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